Dutch Elements

Dutch Periodic Table

Many Dutch names are identical or similar to the English names, especially those with higher atomic numbers and all 'artificial' elements.

However, many are totally different and have excellent Dutch names, in particular:

'-stof' elements

Waterstof       Hydrogen

Koolstof             Carbon

Stikstof              Nitrogen

Zuurstof             Oxygen

Double-vowel elements

Boor                    Boron

Chloor                 Chlorine

Chroom              Chromium

Mangaan           Manganese

Arseen                 Arsenic

Seleen                 Selenium

Broom                 Bromine

Molybdeen       Molybdenum

Antimoon          Antimony

Teluur                 Tellurium

Tantaal              Tantalum

Lood                     Lead

Astaat                 Astatine

Lanthaan           Lanthanum

Different initial letters

Wolfram              Tungsten

Jodium                 Iodine

(There are no W- or J- elements in the English table)

As well as Wolfram, two other elements also follow their letters (unlike the English table)

Natrium                Sodium

Kalium                  Potassium

The opposite is also true however!  Several are already mentioned above, but also:

Fosfor                   Phosphorus

Zwavel                 Sulphur

Other excellent different Dutch names

IJzer                    Iron

Kobalt                 Cobalt

Nikkel                 Nickel

Koper                  Copper

Zink                     Zinc

Zirkconium      Zirconium

Renium              Rhenium

Zilver                  Silver

Platina               Platinum

Goud                   Gold

Bismut               Bismuth

And finally, the superb!

Kwik                    Mercury