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Why do men need to wear suits?



The hot weather has made it even worse that you need to 'dress up' for work. If you're a man, the dress code remains that you need to wear a suit and tie. It's time that this sexist approach to office wear was discontinued; there are no such restrictions if you are a woman.


BBC Breakfast news is a prime example of this. Every morning the men are put in (dark) suits and sat on the sofa next to women who have the opportunity to wear pretty much what they want, provided it's smart.


Much more comfortable, and much better for the weather! Time for a change in approach I think!


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Learn all the Elements on the Periodic Table in the easiest way


21 January Today's comment: why has Midsomer Murders gone all American? In tonight's episode about cycling they called a spanner a wrench (twice!) and also talked about Spandex rather than Lycra!


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12 November Today we're preparing for the relaunch and revamp of the OwnGoals website, planned for 20 November 2016!


30 May Today's subject is penalties. Previously, goalkeepers had to keep still on the line or the kick would be retaken. This never worked anyway and the rule was changed so they just have to stay on their line.

Now instead, they're running off their line towards the ball! I think there should be advice to referees to make sure in these instances the kicks are retaken; it seems quite rare at the moment that they are.

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25 March Today I have another subject I'd like to raise for discussion. Isn't it about time that big competitions stopped having the rule that when teams are tied on points in a group, the outcome is decided by the results between the sides? This often results in meaningless last games in the groups, whereas if the goal difference rule still stood there may still be an opportunity for the other team to qualify. I think this may have been a Michel Platini rule, so perhaps now he is no longer the president of UEFA it would be possible for the new man to change this.


17 March Today I want to talk about goal nets. Why are so many clubs' goal nets so hard to see? Liverpool, Everton, Bournemouth and Man City all have them in the same colours as their shirts, which makes it hard to see the ball go in! Bright nets are best!


Look at this; Jason Puncheon’s great free kick at Anfield (the one where he hides his face in case the defenders could lip-read him!!) would have looked even better if you could see it hit the net!



12 December


A great deal of own goal action since my last update! Six were scored in November alone and with two at the beginning of December we have seventeen now for the year.

Martin Skrtel's goal for Newcastle was Liverpool's first of the season and puts him joint third in the all time top flight table. And with Olivier Giroud scoring against Sunderland, Arsenal now lead the table. He also became the second player in as many weeks to score at both ends after Troy Deeney.


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12 September: new Dutch periodic table page!

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Own goals and Elements